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T&S inc. strives to respect and properly manage the value of information as a social mission of information service providers.
We have established a compliance program based on the "laws and norms regarding the protection of personal information",
to protect and handle personal information explicitly and safely. In this way, we will strive to fulfill the trust of our customers.

November 1, 2016

Yoshihiro Takekawa, President and CEO, T&S inc.

1. Formulation of compliance program and continuous improvement

Our company will develop, implement, maintain, and continuously improve personal information compliance programs to properly protect personal information.

2. Collection of personal information, purpose of use, provision to a third party

Our company will establish a management system of personal information according to the current situation of business, and will handle it properly according to prescribed rules in collecting, using and providing personal information.

Collection of personal information
Our company will acquire personal information in a proper and fair manner within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

Purpose of use
Our company will identify the purpose of use of personal information obtained, and will use it within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use, unless otherwise specified by law.
(1)Development and sale of computer software
(2)Dispatch of engineers of computer software and hardware to individuals and companies
(3)Computer software and hardware technical classroom

About third party provision
When necessary to provide personal information, our company will comply with the compliance program that complies with the "Requirements of the compliance program regarding the protection of personal information" to obtain the consent of the person, and will do it under strict control.

3. Implementation of safety measures

By taking technical and organizational safety measures, our company will endeavor to prevent and correct unauthorized access, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

4. Respect for information subject's rights

After clarifying the purpose of collecting personal information and obtaining the consent of the information subject (the person in question), our company will handle it legally and fairly within the limits necessary to achieve that purpose.

5.Compliance with laws and regulations

In handling personal information, our company will comply with the laws and other norms applicable to the protection of such personal information.

6. Response when personal information is leaked

In the unlikely event that the customer's personal information is leaked, our compnay will promptly notify the customer of the facts and endeavor to respond in accordance with the law and other regulations.

7. Disclosure request procedure

Our company will take appropriate measures regarding disclosure requests and other procedures stipulated by law. If you wish to disclose the information of employees and customers themselves, we will make a reply within a reasonable period and scope after confirming that the applicant is the person himself/herself.

8. About revision and abolition of regulations

This basic policy and personal information management rules, etc. will be changed as appropriate due to amendments and abolition of laws and regulations and changes in circumstances.

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