Software Solutions for Hailo
Edge AI Processors

T&S develops edge AI software using Hailo AI vision processors and Hailo AI accelerators, which boast industry-leading performance, and provides solutions that maximize the processor's hardware performance.
What is the Hailo's Edge AI Processor?

Hailo's Edge AI processor is a high-performance artificial intelligence (AI) processor specifically designed for edge devices. They are designed to enable real-time data processing and analysis in edge computing environments.

Hailo's edge AI processors are highly efficient and perform especially well in computing-intensive tasks such as image recognition and video analytics. They are characterized by their ability to operate at low power consumption while providing high processing power. This makes them ideal for use where real-time AI inference is required in a variety of applications, including social systems, self-driving cars, smart retail, and surveillance cameras.

Hailo-15 AI Vision Processor

T&S and Hailo

T&S is a design partner in the Hailo Partners Ecosystem and will work closely with Hailo to meet customer requirements.

T&S's Hailo Software Solution for Edge AI Processors

T&S offers comprehensive Hailo software solutions for edge AI processors tailored to your needs, covering a wide range of processes from the initial consideration phase of an AI project to the final product deployment.

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Technology Investigation

A successful project begins with the selection of the appropriate technology. T&S conducts a thorough research of relevant and up-to-date research papers and technical literature to accomplish the task requested by the client.


Training AI models requires large amounts of accurate data. At T&S, we annotate the client’s dataset and create high-quality training data for model training. This maximizes model accuracy and improves real-world performance.

AI Model Development

We select the best AI model for your requirements, taking into account the nature of the task, performance requirements, and resource constraints.
Model Compression
We compress the selected models to ensure that high performance is maintained even in resource-constrained environments. This is especially important for edge devices and for applications that require fast response times.
We deploy the compressed lightweight model to the target environment. Evaluate model performance and fine-tune as needed for optimal performance.

Application Development

In developing applications that utilize AI models, it is important to efficiently design and implement the entire application flow, not just the inference process of the model. T&S provides comprehensive support for the entire application processing, starting from input processing, pre-processing, inference, post-processing, and ending with rendering and other processing.

 Support for both Python and C++ native implementation
  ・Step-by-step support, such as prototyping in Python, and then implementing in C++
  Support for application development using Hailo series
  ・Leverage TAPPAS(Gstreamer) framework
  ・Implementation of GUI, real-time rendering, and other processing for visualizing application’s inference results
 Target devices such as single board computers (SBC) are also available for Hailo-8.

Please contact us first. We will propose the best solution for you.

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