Software Acceleration

In software acceleration, we review existing software at the algorithm level and improve it to more efficient logic for computers while maintaining accuracy. We also perform comprehensive program acceleration that takes advantage of hardware characteristics by making full use of SIMD instructions, multi-core processing, etc. depending on the execution target, such as CPU, GPU, or DSP.
Software Acceleration

Upon consultation with the customer, we first measure the performance of the existing software and identify issues (bottlenecks) for software acceleration. We then estimate the cost of the acceleration work, implement the software acceleration, and deliver the complete set.
We will reduce the calculation volume and accelerate the calculation speed by implementing the accelerator using hardware-specific instructions to extract the performance of the accelerator.

Development Achievements

・Acceleration of arithmetic and rendering operations in image processing and display applications using SIMD instructions
・Further acceleration of the Semi Global Matching algorithm in GPU implementations

Major Development Environment Achievements

Operating System Windows/Linux
Development Languages C language (C99) / C++ (11, 14, 17, 20) / C# / Python3 / CUDA, etc.
Frameworks & Libraries OpenCV(3,4) / OpenGL(ES) / Windows Thread / pthread / STL, etc.