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Software Solution for Hailo Edge AI Processor Now Available

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T&S has begun developing edge AI software using the Hailo AI vision processor and Hailo AI accelerator, which boasts industry-leading performance, and providing solutions that maximize the processor’s hardware performance.

Software Solutions for Hailo Edge AI Processors

Our Advanced Technology Business Division aims to apply our accumulated know-how to advanced AI semiconductors to provide customers with the ability to acquire more advanced technological capabilities and develop high-performance software. Now that we have joined Hailo Partners Ecosystem as a design partner, we will work closely with Hailo to meet the requirements of our customers.

AI Partnerships: Hailo’s Ecosystem Driving AI Business Solutions

About Hailo

Hailo is a leading AI chip manufacturer offering industry-leading performance edge AI processors.

Company name:


Israel, Germany, Taiwan, China, USA, South Korea, Japan


Main Products:

Hailo-15 AI Vision Processor, Hailo-8 AI Accelerator

What is Hailo’s Edge AI Processor?

Hailo’s Edge AI processor is a high-performance AI processor specifically designed for edge devices. They are designed to enable real-time data processing and analysis in edge computing environments. Hailo’s edge AI processors are highly efficient and perform especially in computing-intensive tasks such as image recognition and video analytics. They are characterized by their ability to operate at low power consumption while providing high processing power. This makes them ideal for use where real-time AI inference is required in a variety of applications, including social systems, self-driving cars, smart retail, and surveillance cameras.

The World’s Top Performing Edge AI Processor For Edge Devices (

This service has already been provided to some of our new clients who have already made public announcements. We also believe that this will contribute to improving our business performance and corporate value from a medium- to long-term perspective. We have already factored in some of the impact on our business performance for the current fiscal year, but we will promptly disclose any further events that may have a significant impact on our business performance as soon as they become clear.