Server Design & Construction

We provide a wide range of services, from proposal of various systems operated in various industries such as finance, public sector, manufacturing, distribution, and telecommunications, to construction and design of infrastructure in each process of requirement definition, design, development, and testing.
Server Design, Construction, Testing, Environment Migration

We have extensive experience in building VMware and Hyper-V virtual infrastructures, migrating existing on-premise configurations to cloud infrastructures such as AWS, and migrating aging servers. We also have extensive experience in building both on-premise and cloud computing platforms, so we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of both on-premise and cloud computing platforms for your system, and select the platform to migrate to.

Major Development Achievements

Server OS Windows Server / RedHat Enterprise Linux / CentOS
Client OS Windows7 / Windows10
Database Oracle Database / Microsoft SQL Server / HiRDB
Virtualization Technology VMware / Hyper-V
Cloud computing AWS / Microsoft Azure