Embedded System Verification

Embedded System Verification

We have extensive experience in verification of embedded systems.
We have handled a wide range of projects regardless of industry or type of business.
We have been trusted for many years, mainly for on-site support.


As for embedded system verification, we offer a wide range of services, including.

Customers On-site support by various manufacturers' verification teams / Telecommunications carriers' verification teams
Applications Industrial microscope image post-processing system / MFP print management system / Various cell phone's applications, etc.
Process Test design / Test execution / Result reporting / Data preparation
Test types Combination test / System test / Customer UAT representative / Performance test / Comprehensive testing with actual equipment on-site


Customer Verification team for a cell phone application for a mega-banks
Application Cell phone application for opening an online bank account
Process Test design / Test execution (system test) / Result report
Environment iOS 11.X 8 safari / Android Oreo(8.x) Google Chrome / Windows 10 Microsoft Edge
Results Since the normal system test had been confirmed to work to some extent, our team members conducted a system test focusing on the abnormal system test. We were able to detect data inconsistencies due to unexpected communication interruptions, which was highly appreciated by the client.