On-premise Application Verification

As for on-premise application verification, we have experience in third-party verification of on-premise applications, cloud applications, and embedded systems.
We provide design and test execution services for various testing processes.
About T&S Verification Engineers

Our verification engineers are characterized by the fact that we are a development company and have members with development experience. Most of our members are JSTQB holders, and we also have IVEC holders. Our engineers who are familiar with development, infrastructure, and various architectures perform verification and bug detection.

The scope of testing that can be handled

Our experience is mostly in coupling testing, comprehensive testing, and acceptance testing, but we can also perform unit testing processes.
We are also capable of white box testing and test design to increase code coverage.

About deliverables

Test Plan We will propose an optimal test plan based on the balance between your requirements and budget.
The project will be started after explaining to the client and obtaining his/her approval.
Test design document Based on our accumulated know-how, we design the test plan according to the test plan.
Implementation evidence We are highly motivated to detect bugs.
Result Report We provide a concise result report and metrics that will lead to the next step.

Business know-how and verification perspectives

We have a lot of experience in verifying human resource and general affairs applications.
Since we often handle systems with similar operations, we have accumulated business know-how and verification perspectives within our company.
We can design tests based on the verification points of view that have a high bug generation rate based on past cases.

On-premise application results

On-premise HR system comprehensive testing
■Scope of Order
  • ・Test plan
  • ・Comprehensive test case design
  • ・Comprehensive test implementation
  • ・Usability test design
  • ・Usability test implementation
  • ・Result Report

Many design defects were detected.
The customer appreciated that we were able to find defects that were not noticed by the development team members.

Main test environment

Test Server OS WindowsServer 2012 / WindowsServer 2016 / WindowsServer 2019
Application Server IIS8.0 / IIS8.5 / IIS10.0
Database Oracle12c / Oracle18c / SQLServer2016 / SQLServer2017 / SQLServer2019
Client OS Windows8 / Windows10 / iOS13 / iOS14 / iOS15
Browser Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome / Safari