IT Infrastructure
Maintenance & Operation Service

Infrastructure services are considered to be based on operations and maintenance tasks, which are divided into design/construction, monitoring, and operations. We execute the entire process from planning to improvement in a single cycle of PLAN, DO, CHECK, and ACTION. We believe it is important to always evaluate after implementation and link this to service improvement.
The operation of a customer's IT infrastructure and systems lasts longer than the development period. Naturally, the customer's IT infrastructure and systems must operate normally over a long period of time. We provide services to protect the customer's important systems, which are not allowed to be down.
We provide infrastructure monitoring of server systems, various system operations, failure investigation and analysis, isolation, escalation, and proposals for security measures and efficiency improvement, as well as system development and maintenance SE services that support requirement definition, design, development, and various testing processes.
Our professional system provides daily peace of mind to our customers.
IT infrastructure, system operation and maintenance services

We have been providing IT infrastructure and system operation services for about 30 years and have a lot of know-how and experience in managing our clients' IT systems.
Currently, we continue to provide services for the IT systems of major group companies and government agencies, to the delight of our clients.

Main Support Achievements

Operating System Windows Server / Linux / UNIX
Backup Tools Arcserve
System Operation Tools JP1 / Systemwalker / TWS
Monitoring Tools Zabbix
Information Security Management WSUS / TMMS
System Development Languages Java / C#.NET / VB.NET etc.