Maintenance & Operation

In terms of operation and maintenance, we not only operate current systems, but also build and modify systems according to customer requirements, and develop new projects using packaged solutions, etc. We have a lot of experience in development, operation, and maintenance, including the use of RPA (robots) to reduce man-hours and the launch of in-house application approval systems.
Reduction of human man-hours by RPA (robots)

Across industries, robotic process automation (RPA) has transformed business by improving efficiency with its vast automation capabilities.
Adoption of RPA has skyrocketed in the past few years, as it automates repetitive business processes, allowing employees to focus on higher-value tasks and innovation.
Our services include automation of master data registration, work requests, system installation, kitting, log monitoring, and server monitoring.

Paperless approval applications

We develop SharePoint enhancements (web parts, custom development of sites, lists, and fields, workflow development, etc.) according to customer needs.
We have a lot of experience in SharePoint (including Office 365), from the creation of workflows for sharing data among multiple users and application approval workflows to operation and maintenance.

Data analysis using BI tools

We develop, operate, and maintain big data analysis tools using BI tools (Business Intelligence tools) such as QlikView. We can analyze and visualize a huge variety of corporate data to help improve management and operational efficiency.

Operation and maintenance of packaged products and each company's proprietary systems

We monitor the operation of various systems and perform operational and maintenance tasks. We have experience in operating and maintaining not only packaged products such as JIRA, Alfresco, SharePoint, Office 365, etc., but also many proprietary systems of the client company.

Major Development Environment Achievements

Operating System Windows / WindowsServer / Linux / Unix / CentOS
Development Languages C++ / JavaScript / TypeScript / Python / PL/SQL / ASP.NET / PHP
Databases Oracle / SQLServer / PostgreSQL / MySQL
Package solutions SharePointServer / Office 365 / QlikView / dbSheetClient / JIRA / Alfresco / LimeSurvey / Selenium / Automation Anywhere
Systems we have operated and maintained Expense Reimbursement System / Personnel Evaluation System / Approval System / Patent-related System / Transfer Application System
and many other systems regardless of industry.