Medical System Development

As for medical system development, we provide various solutions related to medical systems, including PACS, DIMSE-C and N commands, processing, editing, and diagnosis of medical images, in compliance with the DICOM standard for medical imaging and communication.
Development of medical image processing, editing, and diagnostic systems

Many common items can be found in the image processing procedures and methods of medical imaging software.
We have developed an integrated framework library employing component-based framework technology to provide various services such as 3D image construction from 2D images such as CT and MRI images, volume rendering, extraction of regions of interest, distance measurement and volume calculation on medical images.
In addition, images processed and edited by medical imaging software can be output in a format compliant with the DICOM standard, allowing them to be stored in PACS using the DICOM protocol (DIMSE-C series).
We also have experience in the development of DICOM servers, and DIMSE-C and N series services can be used to communicate with various medical devices via the DICOM protocol.

Major Development Environment Achievements

Operating System Windows/Linux/CentOS
Development Languages Java/C#/C++
Database Oracle/SQLServer/PostgreSQL

Development of preoperative support equipment for laparoscopic surgery

As a project of the Keihin Waterfront Area International Strategic Special Zone for Life Innovation, we developed a preoperative support device for laparoscopic surgery in an industry-academia collaboration.
Three-dimensional biological model data for physical simulation was generated from patient-specific CT and MRI images to construct a surgical scenario according to the disease condition and case, and mission rehearsal using patient-specific data was realized in a virtual space.

Major Development Environment Achievements

Operating System Windows/Linux
Development Languages C++/Lua