Business Application Development

We have a proven track record in the development of Windows applications and Web-based business applications, and provide optimal solutions for requirement definition, basic design, detailed design, coding, unit testing, coupling testing, and comprehensive testing.
Windows Application Development

Form-based application development using (VB, C #)

By accessing DataBase from the WebAPI side, there is no need to store connection information or SQL on the Windows application side, which leads to enhanced security.
By implementing the business logic on the WebAPI side, the Windows application side only needs to control the UI part, which reduces the size of the application and allows modification of the business logic on the WebAPI side, which leads to high maintainability and load balancing.
By using ClickOnce as the Windows application distribution method, the latest modules can be placed on the Web server, and by clicking a menu link at a portal site, the latest modules can be downloaded as if it were a Web system, and the business application can be used on the Client PC. You can download the latest module and use the business application on the ClientPC just like a web system by clicking the menu link at a portal site.

Development Achievements

  • ・Construction Material Management System
  • ・Inspection Performance Management System
  • ・Estimate Support Management System
  • ・Construction area management system
  • ・Operating Personnel Management System
  • ・Construction budget management system

We have experience in developing many other systems.

Web Application Development

Rich web-based application development using Angular, Java and ASP.NET (VB, C#)

Rich UI is realized by employing WebUI controls and frameworks.
SPA (Single Page Application) format development enables control and updating of only the necessary portions.
This enables high performance by reducing the amount of communication with the server.
Separating the frontend (WebUI) and backend (WebAPI) processes also makes maintenance easier and leads to load balancing.

Development Achievements

  • ・Personnel Evaluation System
  • ・Expense Reimbursement System
  • ・Skill Management System
  • ・Personnel Transfer Decision System
  • ・Production Process Management System
  • ・Design Information Management System
  • ・Document Management System
  • ・Technical Information Management System
  • ・Construction management systems

We have experience in developing many other systems.

Major Development Environment Achievements

Operating System Windows/WindowsServer/Linux/Unix/CentOS
Development Languages VB.Net/C#/Java/C++/JavaScript/TypeScript/Python/PL/SQL
Databases Oracle/SQLServer/PostgreSQL/MySQL/DB2
Frameworks .NetFramework/Spring/Seaser2/Struts/Angular
Components ConponentOneStudio/InputManPlusWin10/ExcelCreator/PrimeNG
Cloud AWS/Microsoft Azure
Smart Devices Android/iOS
Packaged Solutions SharePointServer/SharePointOnline/Power Apps/Power Automate