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T&S inc. protects the information assets of our company from all kinds of threats, responds to the trust of customers
and the society surrounding them, and contributes to the continuous and stable business operation of our company.
Therefore, we formulate an information security protection policy and implement safe and appropriate information security measures.

  • Our company shall take all possible measures for security of information assets such as customer information obtained in our business, and shall always work to prevent risks such as loss, destruction, falsification and leakage.
  • Our company will make the most effective use of our information assets (financial information, personnel information, sales information, etc.) and implement appropriate security measures according to their importance.
  • Our company fully recognizes the importance of confidentiality and protection of personal information, establishes "Personal Information Protection Policy", and strives for active protection.
  • Our company have established an “Information Security Committee” within the company as a company-wide governing body for information security to promote security measures for information assets.
  • Our company will continue to educate and enlighten executives, employees, etc. (including business partner employees) on information security, and strive to make them fully aware of the information security protection policy. All officers and employees who handle information assets shall comply with the information security protection policy and fulfill the obligations and responsibilities defined therein.
  • In consideration of technological advances and changes in the business environment, we will continuously carry out risk assessments of information assets from various directions and reflect them in the information security protection policy and various measures based on it. By doing this, we will maintain and improve information security.
  • Our company regularly audit the operational status of information security and take appropriate corrective actions as necessary.
  • Our company comply with laws and regulations related to information security.

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