Our Business

Our business is structured by the following three categories. "Our Solutions Category", which forms the basis of our business.
"Our Semiconductor Category", which is our stable business. "Our Advanced Technology Category", a business growth
engine that leverages our advanced technological capabilities to develop new markets.


Our Solutions Category is designed to meet the needs of our customers. We provide solutions for a variety of technologies and platforms based on the experience and know-how we have accumulated over the years.
We offer a full range of services from Application Development and Infrastructure Construction to System Operation and Maintenance and Help-desk. We have a proven track record in the value chain of the services here. Over the years, our services have earned the trust of our customers and have become a stable business foundation for our company's revenue.


Business Application Development

We have extensive experience in business application development including Windows Applications and Web-based Applications. We provide optimal solutions by supporting: requirements definition, basic design, detailed design, coding, unit testing, integration testing, and total system testing.

■Windows Application Development

□Form-based application develoment using VisualStudio.net (VB/C#)

We provide load balancing and ease-of-maintenance by converting your Database-related processing system into a Web service. We separate the front and back-end processing parts.

・Components: ConponentOneStudio for WinForms、InputManPlusWin10、ExcelCreator
・Database: Oracle

◆Development Experience

Development of systems for nuclear power plants.
Development of construction material management systems.
Develompent of inspection management systems.  And more.

■Web-based Business Application Development

We have extensive experience in web-based business application development using ASP.NET and Java.

□Development of various corporate applications using ASP.NET

We have done application development for large enterprises, by building efficient and ease-to-visualize authorization-based workflows.

・Database: SQL Server、Oracle、MySQL、PostgreSQL

◆ASP.NET development experience

Personnel evaluation system
Expense reimbursement system
Skills Management System
Personnel transfer decision Systems  And more.

□Multi-platform application development using Java

We have made improvements in operability and speed for major manufacturers' plant systems. We turn the server-side processing part into a REST service, separating the front and back-end processing. We perform load balancing and maintenance improvements, by creating authorization workflows. We are now transitioning into using SPA mainstream technology, from conventional Web system development.

・Frameworks: Angular6、Spring、Seasar2、SAStruts、Struts1-2
・Database: Oracle、DB2

◆Experience in Java development

Development of semiconductor manufacturing systems
Development of production process management systems
Development of design information management systems  And more.

Medical system development

We have extensive experience in the development of medical systems, including the development of simulators.

■Laparoscopic Surgery Simulator Development

We participated in the hospitals-industry collaboration project "Keihin Waterfront Area Life Innovation / Comprehensive International Strategic Special Project for Medical Equipment Development" to develop and commercialize a surgical simulator for laparoscopic surgery. Based on CT/MRI data of the patient prior to surgery, the simulator provides feedback during rehearsal to the doctor about reconstructing organ deformations, amputations, and force sensations during surgery. Through this development, it is possible to "visualize the optimal plan for a safe operation" and "improve the level of surgical skill of the surgeon".

□Development environment: Linux
□Language: Lua

■Medical System Development

We have experience in building medical systems using Java3D and applications in accordance with DICOM standards.

□Development experience: Medical image processing, diagnosis and extraction

Construction of a DICOM server and client system.

Sharepoint implementation and migration support

We support site construction by SharePoint and migration from Notes.
In particular, we have been working on a lot of migration from Notes to SharePoint. We also have extensive experience in workflow development using NintexWorkflow. Recently, we are also working on Form development using NintexForms. And, we aim to provide a total solution for collaboration environments using SharePoint.

■Service Menu

・SharePoint 2007 to 2013 and Office365 site construction
・Workflow development (NintexWorkflow, SPS2013Workflow)
・Notes data migration (DocAve, MNSP, SPCN, NSF-Convertor)
・Form development (Infopath, NintexForms, SPD)
・Web parts and custom field development
・Others (SharePoint version upgrade, etc.)

□Migration experience

We have a lot of experience in large-scale migrations for major manufacturers, lasting more than a year.

On-site development support

We support not only in-house contracted development but also on-site development. We offer a variety of models for on-site development, including dispatch contract and SES contract, to meet our customer needs.

■Development Support experience

Industries related to RPA, life and non-life insurance, securities, broadcasting, finance, etc.

Software verification

Third Party Verification Service

We use the latest verification technology to design and implement tests from a third party perspective.
The third party verification service supports software verification according to our customers' project status.

■Test Planning Support

We formulate the overall test plan, including test objectives, quality standards, test procedures and schedules.

■Test Design Support

We create test cases and test scenarios based on the test plan above.

■Test Implementation Support

The content of the test cases and test scenarios are all performed from a third party's perspective.

Software Performance Verification Service

We evaluate how well the current software is taking advantage of the hardware.
We can suggest system performance improvements that can be achieved with software acceleration technologies.

Infrastructure Construction

We design and build servers, middleware and networks. We also provide technical support for cloud infrastructure.

・Design, construction and operation of servers
・Design and development of middle-ware
・Design, construction and operation of networks

Infrastructure Service

We provide on-site support for our customers' operations and systems, helping to improve business efficiency and accuracy.

・Help Desk
・System operation and maintenance
・Support for RPA (Automation Anywhere) operations


Our business growth aim is based on our priority two business: the operation and maintenance of the semiconductor industry, especially NAND flash memory plants.

Support for operation and maintenance of semiconductor plants

■Support for RPA implementation and operation

We improve the efficiency of business operations by using RPA.
We improve IT operations by automating the following : master registration, work requests, system installation, kitting, log monitoring, and server monitoring.

■Operation and maintenance of semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Centered on next-generation general-purpose processors, we perform maintenance and operation of semiconductor manufacturing equipment for 300mm wafers in the System LSI manufacturing line.

■Support for improving the efficiency of business processes and system operations

We support our customers' business and systems, helping to improve their business efficiency and accuracy.
We respond quickly to customer inquiries by listening to the exact content of the inquiry and then providing solution proposals for their consideration.

■Technical Support for Application Development

We provide technical support for constructing highly reliable applications and systems by improving maintainability, operability and optimization.

■Technical support for network and server maintenance work and design

We provide networking, servers, middle-ware, design and implementation. We also provide technical support for cloud computing infrastructure.

■SharePoint development and technical support

We develop SharePoint enhancements to meet our customer needs (web parts / custom development of sites, lists, fields / workflows / etc).

Advanced Technology

Our Advanced Technology Category includes network, image analysis/recognition, hardware control, and software acceleration.
We make full use of the latest advanced technologies to improve the functionality and quality of our customer's software.

AI Technology

Support for Research and Development of AI Algorithms

■Paper Survey

We provide a global survey of technological trends, as well as an understanding of individual papers and explanations of their contents, according to our customers needs.

■Implementation and evaluation of the paper's algorithms

Support for Research and Development of Algorithms

We pursue the content of the paper in depth, including functional implementation and replication of the contents of the paper, as well as performance evaluation using the customer's data sets.

■Research and development of algorithms.

Research and development of new algorithms based on the information in the most recent papers.

Annotation Services

We perform annotations necessary for machine learning, such as labeling of images, rectification of images and coloring of specific areas.
This work is performed domestically, and quality uniformity is achieved through our own quality-check process.

AI software development
We support middleware development and library maintenance upon request.
We propose the most suitable machine learning framework according to your functionalities and requirements.

Software acceleration

Algorithm-level optimization

We review the system/progra at the algorithmic level and improve the logic to make it more efficient for the computer.
We also review the logic depending on the hardware used (CPU, GPU, accelerators, etc.)

Hardware Level Optimization

By taking advantage of hardware characteristics, we make programs faster at the instruction level, such as by utilizing parallel operation instructions.

Customization services

We propose hardware configuration and software design with emphasis on processing time according to functionalities and processing requirements.
We also provide software implementation support.

Image Recognition software development

Feasibility Study Support
We help you improve the performance of your software by implementing and evaluating the functions and algorithms you want to realize using open source programs OSS.

Software performance improvement support


We improve the recognition rate and processing time of publicly available image recognition algorithms.


We improve improve processing time and reliability of publicly available image recognition program implementations.


Upon request, we improve the performance of the software by going beyond the framework of existing implementations, such as utilizing dedicated hardware.

Software Implementation

We develop software to meet your particular requirements.